Town Hall Zoom Meeting April 14 2020

In this meeting I explained my motivations for running and my political philosophy.

Why I am running
I was involved in protecting the freedom of association movement with respect to our caucus convention system and also with the tax referendum; as a participant and donor.

Through this process I became concerned with the state of our legislature in Utah. I believes we need to go back to our conservative roots and the principles outlined in our party platform.
Places I believe we have swayed from those principles include:

  • 1st amendment right of freedom of association, speech and religious freedom
  • 2nd Amendment right to bear arms
  • Pro life issues
  • Immigration
  • Fair and Equitable tax policy which should always consider spending first
  • Proper Role of Government

What credentials make me qualified?

  • Being an entrepreneur gives me an understanding of running and building a business
  • Being a professor gives me insight into our education system and the problems in higher ed “we need to educate not indoctrinate”
  • Being a parent gives me insight into our primary and secondary education system and understanding that the closer decisions are to parents the better.
  • Being an Economist and Data scientist gives me insights into our taxing structure and its effect on the economy
  • Being a platform republican and firm believer in the wisdom of our founders gives me insight into the proper and rightful role of government

Pleas watch the video of questions and responses

April 14 2020 Town Hall Meeting