R Troy Oldham

“I’ve known John Johnson for almost ten years, and as an educator, businessman, citizen and philanthropist John is an intelligent, compassionate and driven professional. He is a rare blend of a very intelligent academic, combined with a savvy and experienced business leader. His care and attention to his students and faculty is a great example of a person who cares deeply about helping to develop others.

I worked with John when he was a Department Head in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU, and was able to see first-hand his care and attention to detail, and the care and improvement of others.

John is also a passionate citizen who cares deeply about the welfare of our community, state and nation. He soaks in knowledge, always studying the issues, and uses the lens of an economist and technology expert to disseminate and represent issues in a clear and understandable way.

I also know John loves his country and community and his willingness to serve is an inspiration to me and others, because he does it without ego, or a desire to be recognized for his service. John is honest and direct. John is intelligent and has the heart of a teacher. He is a true friend and very generous with his time and talents. John would make an incredible, and highly trusted Senator in the State of Utah. “